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Frequently Asked Questions

We have shared with you below some of the issues that you wonder before getting insoles.

FAQ: Welcome

From what age can gait analysis be performed?

Do You Make Insoles According To The Doctor's Prescription?

After your computerized analysis is received, we prepare insoles according to your doctor's prescription.

I Have Flat Footed Foot, Will It Be A Solution?

Flat feet is a pressure disorder and causes pain in the feet. If treatment is started in childhood, treatment can be started. in older ages, it is used to increase your comfort and requires continuous use.


It can be done after about 3 years of age, if needed, as it needs to be able to understand verbal commands and walk without support on the walking platform.

Can Insoles Suitable For All Ages Be Produced?

In our center, insoles suitable for all ages can be produced.

Can We Use The Same Insoles With Someone We Have The Same Foot Size? 

No, you cannot use it. Our center does not have ready-made insoles in standard sizes. Insoles are produced individually after the analysis according to the person's own foot structure and load distribution.

Will my pain go away immediately after using insoles?

Adaptation to the insoles can take about a few weeks. For this reason, the use of insoles requires continuity throughout the day and affects the response time to treatment.

How Long Is the Insoles Usage Period?

They are orthoses that need to be renewed in 6-12 months after the insoles are made, depending on the use. When your feet start to hurt again, it's time to change your insoles.

How Long Is Insoles Manufacturing Time?

If the production is not very intense, you can receive your insoles within 2 hours. In case of density, it is prepared after 1 day. If you want, shipping will be done to your address.

I Will Have Insoles Made, But Can I Use It On My Existing Shoes?

The choice of shoes is entirely up to the user, deep shoes and sports shoes are more suitable. We prepare the product according to the need, not the shoes.

I Have Heel Spurs. Can I Use Insoles?

Yes you should use it. Heel Spurs generally occur due to a pressure disorder. To fix this, you should have specially prepared insoles.

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