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Libor Inc. operates in the fields of representation, import, distribution (sales and marketing) and technical service. Physical Therapy - Rehabilitation and Sports Sciences devices and products are included in the scope of the products imported by the company. Company activities are carried out from Ankara headquarters, Istanbul, Adana and Bursa branches. We are dedicated to providing superior and quality service to our customers. The attention we show to our customers is professional, respectful, helpful and cooperative. Our main mission is to be a platform that improves the quality of life of our society. For this, we consider health and education together, and aim to have more space in our health and social life by keeping both elements together in our product range. Our aim is to produce the most suitable solutions for consumer needs with quality and healthy products within the framework of our customer-oriented approach, to be a leading company that creates the most social value in the health sector and takes the lead in the sector. Our basic philosophy is not to sell yourself the material that you will not use. Based on this idea, our aim is to closely follow and use technology in order to improve the quality of health services and improve the quality of life of patients and users. Foot health, insoles, personalized insoles

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