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Health to your feet

We spend most of our days standing. Wouldn't you like to spend these days more comfortable and healthy?

Do you know that as a result of not stepping on our feet properly and anatomically, our feet will cause pain?

Our feet carry our body and affect our lives. Our feet can be the cause of conditions such as waist, neck, hip and leg pain.  

Libor Inc. As our company, our vision is to help our patients live a more comfortable and healthy life by using the latest technology in the production of personalized insoles.

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Baropodometrik yürüyüş analizinin sonucuna göre 3D yazıcı ile Türkiye’de ilk defa kişiye özel tabanlık yapıyoruz

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Custom Insoles

Tailor-made insoles are produced in full compliance with the soles of the feet for the disease, after the measurements taken from the patients with special measurement methods. Insoles become ready as a result of the system created by the selection of support points, wedges, callus cavities, soft or hard materials etc. for the disease. These insoles, which are produced differently from ready-made fabricated insoles, are personal and cannot be used by different people or people with the same number.

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What makes the footpad special and different is that it is produced exactly for the patient's own foot. Our application center;  is an organization organized to respond to foot and ankle problems in accordance with the latest technology. We detect pressure problems by taking measurements and baropodometric gait analysis with the scanning device in our center and produce the appropriate insoles for your feet with the CNC machine. The detection, measurement and insole manufacturing process is listed below.

Laser Scanning
  • Scans the foot in seconds.

  • Scans both feet at the same time.

  • A 3D Model image is created.

  • The orthotist saves the image.

Model Building

They are systems that can be designed and manufactured by means of specially programmed softwers. Thanks to the software, it accepts the scanned detail and makes it appear on the screen as a 3D model. In this way, the orthotist examines the 3D foot structure of the patient and makes the right insoles design.

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The insoles, whose design is completed on the computer, are processed with a CNC machine directly connected to the computer. After the modeling is ready, it is sent to the rendering machine. The block material for insoles is fixed in place by vacuum and processed in pairs. Even insoles with complex surfaces (pelit inlay etc.) or different materials are processed with millimeter precision.


At the last stage, the person is informed about the correct choice of shoes that can benefit from the insoles and after the necessary rehearsals are made, they are delivered to the patient. To get information about foot analysis, you can reach us from our contact addresses.

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