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Analysis of general foot diseases and conditions  (including wounds in the foot area and pain in the sole of the foot), examination and diagnosis are made by the doctor and expert podologist or prosthetic orthosis technicians in order to find appropriate treatment methods for the disease and pathology.

The podologist (foot health specialist) examines the postural / biomechanical structure of the foot and body in 3D and visually with the latest technological products and tools.

Problems Caused by Foot Structure and Function Disorders

  • Posture, balance, stance and gait disorders

  • Foot (heel, sole, toe) and ankle pain

  • Leg, knee, hip, waist, back, neck, shoulder, jaw pain

  • Fatigue, muscle cramps, decreased lung capacity

  • ankle sprains

  • Hallux valgus (thumb protrusion-bunion) vs.

Baropodometric Analysis

Baropodometric Analysis of patient's pressure  Equipped with special sensors  It is based on the principle of measuring by walking or stopping on a platform. This platform is used for dynamic, static movement/gait and postural assessment.

The data coming from the sole of the patient's feet by means of pressure sensors are analyzed with special software and displayed on a computer screen.  displayed and reported.

In this way, the person's pressure / balance etc. detected if there is a defect.

Baropodometric Gait Analysis Test

The Gait Analysis test clearly reveals the real problem with the person's gait. It makes an important contribution to deciding on the necessary treatment. It provides objective data for tracking the person. It provides an objective evaluation of the effectiveness of the treatment. The cause of a functional disorder in the foot cannot be found without measuring with functional tests or dynamic tests. Using the advanced technology foot pressure scanning system such as Sensor Medica – freeStep and the Video Analysis System, it should be checked how the foot is in a functional or static state. If there is a defect in the pressure distribution of the foot, solutions should be produced for this. The primary purpose here is to protect, and the secondary purpose is to produce a solution for the cause.

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